Hate crimes, radicalisation and extremists’ recruitment leading towards terrorism have increased in numbers and severity throughout Europe and will continue to pose a major challenge for future democratic societies. Community and grass-root organisations, as well as social entrepreneurs and non-profit/non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are essential for preventing polarisation and violence and for intervening into emerging conflicts.

handENoD logo blau webPractitioners from NGOs find it often easier to access even the most vulnerable environments and penetrate the culture and language of (ex-) offenders, their followers and their social environments. Working largely independently from government institutions these practitioners are also well positioned to build relationships of respect and mutual trust which are indispensable for successful deradicalisation work.

The European Network of Deradicalisation is designed to be an interactive  platform of NGO-practitioners who engage in face-to-face deradicalisation work. The practitioners’ exchange will pertain to methodologies used, target groups, good practice criteria, challenges, needs, and institutional standing and support in the respective Member States. The network’s future activities may also encompass cross-training and capacity building among facilitators from different fields and countries, thus generating added-value at European level.

The project is conducted by Violence Prevention Network (Berlin), a non-profit organisation of academics and professional first-line-practitioners, who combine practical experience and social research expertise. The build-up of the European Network of Deradicalisation started in January 2012. It will continue until December 2013 whereupon results will be evaluated, future perspectives laid out and further funding be sought. The European Network of Deradicalisation is closely connected with the EU Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN), which was inaugurated by Ms. Malström, EU Commissioner of the Interior, in September 2011.

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