Counselling and attendance for unaccompanied minor refugees

In 2015 almost 80.000 Refugees came to Berlin. Over 4.000 of them were unaccompanied minors. This group is especially vulnerable and prone to islamistic recruitement. Violence Prevention Network has therefore installed a programme to counsel and attend unaccompanied minor refugees to immunize them against salafist extremism and islamistic recruiters.

Titelbild Al ManaraThe key aspects of the counselling are:

  • continuous dialogues that encourage questioning and arouse curiosity regarding new perspectives and which allow different perspectives with regard to Islam
  • the recognition of the specific danger situation for the young person concerned
  • promoting the young people to recognise their own processes in regard to their previous course of life as well as the biographical understanding of their experiences and traumata
  • assuming responsibility for independent living – creating conditions and planning a future
  • support and advice in difficult life situations


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AL-MANARA is financed by the Landeskommission Berlin gegen Gewalt as part of the Berliner Landesprogramm Radikalisierungsprävention.




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Projektleitung: Thomas Mücke
Projektkoordination: Orhan Şenel

Media Contact

Journalists please contact:

Cornelia Lotthammer or

Paul Merker

phone: +49 30 36 46 04 09
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Dear media representatives! You're welcome to ask for interviews and backround information. Please understand that we cannot make any contact with our clients and their relatives.


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